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A free video converter to create AVI and MP3 clips from your DVD VOB files
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"Convert VOB to AVI" is a free video converter that not only transforms DVD video using codecs that can be packed into an AVI container, but which can also extract sound streams from videos to separate MP3 files or convert audio and video using some other codecs, such as MOV, FLV, or 3GP.

The program performs seamless conversions of individual VOB files, one at a time, in a very simple and straightforward way. The reduced number of buttons and lack of complex video and/or audio settings adds to the program's overall easiness of use. This simplicity, however, has its pros and cons. The default settings for audio and video (embedded in the code) are acceptable, but more demanding users will find that the output quality of some of the codecs (namely FLV and MOV) offers ample room for improvement.

When the input VOB file is a complete video in itself, this free tool is ideal for fast and good-quality conversions into AVI or any other supported format. Regrettably, in most cases, a movie on DVD usually comes in more than one VOB file (up to five or six in a DVD9), which, once encoded, will result in a series of small AVI files that need to be played sequentially in order to enjoy the full movie. You can always join all the VOB files beforehand or the AVI files afterwards, though this would work better if it was embedded in the converter itself.

The same limitation applies to the possibility of extracting the sound stream of any VOB file – when the complete video requires more than one VOB, the resulting MP3 files will need to be merged to avoid annoying cuts. The defaulted bit rate is set to 128 kbps, and though it cannot be changed by the user, it is usually more than enough to fully enjoy any AVI presentation.

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  • Easiness of use
  • Possibility of extracting audio streams (in MP3) of any VOB file


  • VOB files are converted individually, which usually results in several AVI files for every movie
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